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International Staff Week

The concept of the joint Staff Week for all support services accommodates both the guests and the hosts. It is easy to direct guests from partner institutions to participate in the joint week, which makes the hosting centralised and higher in quality. When several guests are visiting at the same time, sharing good practices is more efficient - the guests meet not only the Metropolia staff, but also other non-teaching staff from several different countries. Internationalisation at home is made available for Metropolia's staff, and the satisfied guests spread the word on the high quality of Metropolia's services when they return home.

Metropolian sisäiset uutiset: Japanese Design Workshop

Pääteemana oli tsutsumi design, joka tarkoittaa käärimisen muotoilua. Lähtökohtana käytettiin furoshiki, mizuhiki ja fumikou -käsitteitä; furoshiki on kankaaseen käärimistä, jota voidaan tehdä lahjoille tai ostoksille, mizuhiki on kirjeiden ja korttien sidontaa paperinarua käyttäen, ja fumikout ovat tuoksupusseja, joita voi lähettää ystävälle kirjeen mukana. Tuoksupussi välittää kirjeen lähettäjän tunteet vastaanottajalle tuoksun muodossa. Työpajassa mietittiin erilaisia ilmaisun tapoja, joita voi hyödyntää kirjeenvaihdossa niin, että lähettäjän tunteet tai ajatukset välittyvät vastaanottajalle.


Living Dark: The Story of Ted the Caver (2013)

Browsing through Amazon Prime, I came across a thumbnail that immediately gave me a visceral reaction. It was a guy squeezing through the tightest cave passage imaginable. Having previously seen and greatly enjoyed another claustrophobic cave movie In Darkness We Fall (La Cueva, 2014) as well as greatly appreciating the classic As Above, So Below (2014) I was intrigued, and had to give it a click. Now, the thing about Amazon is that they have quite a lot of very low-quality indie movies. As any self-important movie buff I love myself a good indie movie, but some of the stuff there is just really, really indie. I’m talking dialogue getting lost in the background noise due to bad (or nonexistent?) sound editing, acting reminiscent of Finns attempting small talk, and virtually no musical score. It’s therefore good to be a bit cautious when embarking to the unknown that is the Amazon Prime catalogue. (The picture could only hold part of the post, rest is viewable here:

Horror Movie Review: One Missed Call (2003)

There is also some societal criticism in this piece, but it's done in a way that's more than cliché by now: once the press catches on the mobile phone messages of death, the next victim has to face her fate live on television. The heartless media circus that's built around her awful plight is a motif that has been done to death, which is why I suspect it is yet another spoof element in the movie, making fun of such a hyperbolic view on the corruption of the media.

Horror Movie Review: Black Mirror (2011)

Think about the following. Even without a Grain it's very easy to start obsessing about things: how you acted in a situation, what someone else said to you... I know I spend way too much time going over social situations that are somehow unpleasant to remember. Imagine how it would be if you could watch recordings of everything you've ever experienced. And that's exactly where the horror of The Entire History of You emanates from. The horror of obsessing about small gestures and reading too much into them, about something someone said years ago, about things you didn't really mean shouted during arguments... When you have the option to rewind and watch, even relive everything you or your loved ones have ever said and done, things can get ugly. And in this episode, they really do.

CIMO External Comms Student Stories, Evon

"The lake's surface is like a mirror, a tree is reflected on it, and there is only silence", narrates Evon Söderlund, a Malaysian who found love and life in Finland. "A whole week's tiredness goes away; it really ought to make you younger." According to her, the best thing in Finland is the nature and its quietness. "The scenario is one of surreal beauty. I know it must feel ordinary to Finns, but it really should be marketed to foreigners more." Student Stories

Majoring in International Studies, Candice studied Social Sciences during her student exchange in Finland. She learnt a lot, for example about the European Union and Scandinavian history. "I greatly enjoyed my studies, I felt like I learnt a lot about a range of different topics that are not offered in Australia, and in a very short amount of time." Because education is free in Finland, Candice was especially impressed by the high standards of teaching and facilities. "The education system in that respect is way ahead most others in the world, it's far better than any offered in Australia."

Study In Finland - Front Page News

The Brazilian Science without Borders Program (SwB) encourages Brazilian students and researchers to study abroad at a higher educational institution. As a result of the first CIMO-coordinated round of applications, 56 Brazilian students will start their studies in Finland during the autumn semester of 2013. The second round of applications has just begun - check whether the participation in SwB would benefit your studies and send in your application before July 19th!